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Caffè Rossini

Italian espresso
since 1979

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For over four decades, family passion has been the secret of our quality. Craftsmanship, hand selection and intensity of aroma come together in our coffee.


Care and Commitment to the Customer: Our Promise of Quality with Rossini Brand Products

We are dedicated to customer service excellence. We are committed to customer care in every aspect, ensuring an unparalleled experience.
Our mission is to create a lasting and profitable relationship with each customer. This means understanding their needs, offering customised solutions and providing constant support. From the moment you choose Rossini brand products to their delivery and after-sales service, we are at your side.
Our dedication to providing high-quality products is reflected in our attention to detail and meticulous care for your needs. We are ready to work with you to ensure the success of your business.
Choose quality and dedication with us, and experience the superior level of customer service with Rossini brand products.

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The success of a good coffee? The skilful hand of the producer can calibrate the roasting process and obtain the right blend. At Rossini, we offer quality, tradition and modernity: the taste of the everyday in the cup, for the protection of the connoisseur

'Coffee since 1979: ours is a history full of flavour

For over four decades, we have been passionately committed to the art of creating extraordinary coffee. Since 1979, our family has worked tirelessly to bring the essence of authenticity and quality into every cup.
In our small roastery, each coffee bean is carefully hand-selected, expertly roasted and ground to give you the most intense aroma and the richest taste. Every cup of coffee we brew is a testimony to the love we put into our product.
We are proud of our craftsmanship heritage, which is reflected in the intense taste experience you get with every sip. The passion that drives us translates into every aspect of our work.
Join us on this journey through coffee, where family tradition merges with modernity to offer you a cup of coffee that represents the best of the past and the present. Welcome to our home of coffee, where quality and aroma always come first.

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